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Tennis courts

Gornji Kneginec
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Tennis courts

The tennis court in Donji Kneginac is privately owned. It is used by the Tennis Club As from Donji Kneginac with the support of the Municipality. The terrain is fully equipped, has accompanying rooms with shower and toilet and floodlights. Tennis school, recreational training skill and competitions for younger categories of competitors at the municipal level are held on the field.

Tennis club “AS” | Gornji Kneginec | Twitter

Sports facilities TRC Gora are located on Varaždin hill (Halić). They are suitable for football and other grass sports. The terrain is managed by DVD Varaždin Breg. They are equipped with a canopy and a dislocated toilet and two spotlights.

Dvd Varaždinbreg | Twitter

The Mozdernjak Sports and Recreation Center is located in Varaždinbreg and includes a football field and a children’s playground.


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