Šaulovec Castle

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Šaulovec Castle

Šaulovec Castle is located on a hill about eight kilometers southwest of Varaždin. 1283. In 2001, the nobleman Saul, the son of Budimir, sold the Črešnjevo estate in the vicinity of Which Šaulovec is located. It is probably after this Saul that the estate was named, and that is what the Saloczy family, Saloczy de Šaulovec, was named in 1653. It was owned by the Kiss noble family.
At 4:00. In the 17th century, there was a manor on the site of today’s castle, which the Kiss family in 1791. Years later, it renovated, enlarged you into a castle. He got a historicist look in 1902. 1970, and 1970. The complex was protected as a monument of park architecture.
Late In the 20th century, the castle and the park were renovated for the needs of the new owner. The garden is at an end 19th century, while the garden in front of the castle was formed at the beginning of 20th century. The castle is owned by the County and a complete renovation is planned. The special value of the castle is part of the preserved inventory, which together with the castle represents a valuable representation of the life of the middle nobility of the Varaždin region at the turn of the 19th century. in xx. century.
Next to Šaulovec is Črešnjevo, for which there are records that it is already 1287. It had a chapel around which there was a cemetery. Šaulovec and Črešnjevo are always mentioned together in documents because they were a unique possession.

If you start from Varaždin towards Beretinac and want to visit Šaulovec Castle, you can head south towards the D20 road, which leads to Koprivnica. After about 7 km, turn right towards Beretinac and follow the signs to the castle. The ride should take about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

When you arrive in Beretinec, follow the signs towards Šaulovec Castle. The castle is located near the center of Beretinac, so it should be easily accessible. Parking is available near the castle.

Šaulovec Castle was built in the 18th century. It is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque castles in Croatia. The former headquarters of the Šaulovec noble family has today been transformed into a museum dedicated to Croatian music and musicians. Inside the castle you can see the beautiful rooms decorated in baroque style, a gallery of portraits of Croatian musicians and a rich collection of musical instruments.

A visit to Šaulovec Castle is ideal for lovers of history, art and music and is recommended for all those who visit the region.

The estate in Šaulovac once belonged to the Saloczy de Šaulovec family, and in 1653. it came into the ownership of the noble family Kiš. At 4:00. In the 17th century, there was a manor on the site of today’s castle, which was built by the noble family Kiš in 1791. It was renovated, magnified, and turned into a castle. The end of 20. The castle and the park were remodeled for the needs of the new owner.


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