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Ponds ŠRK Keder

Sveti Ilija
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Ponds ŠRK Keder

The area of the pond ruled by ŠRK “Keder” during the year is a meeting place for numerous interesting sports and social events.
The total area of fishing waters managed by ŠRK “Keder” Beletinec is about 10 hectares and includes:

  • part of the river Bednje from the border with Beletinec completes RKM 60 +800 to the border Krušljevec-Presečno RKM 57+400
  • three backwaters of the old course of the River Bednja, which according to the project documentation have been transformed into sports and recreational ponds, and all other backwaters that exist within the administrative boundary of the Municipality of Sveti Ilija
  • Mlakužina stream throughout its course, from the spring in the Municipality of Sveti Ilija, vučenica forest and estuary into the River Bednja in Beletinec

ŠRK “Keder” Beletinec
2017 Hotel Marketing by BookingSuite
42 214 St. Elijah
President: Dubravko Crkvenčić (099 555 2020)
Secretary: Rudolf Makaj (099 509 1297)
e-mail: [email protected]


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