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Ponds OStriž

Gornji Kneginec
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Ponds OStriž

Kneginec ponds are increasingly popular among carp fishing enthusiasts, especially according to the “catch and release” system, due to the diverse and rich fish stock with numerous capital specimens of fish.
Association “Ostriž” Kneginec every year fishes from 2000 to 2500 kg of carp and amur. Capital specimens of carp amur and catfish live in the pond, carps over 25 kg are caught, catfish 40, 53 and 78 kg are caught. Carp, Babushka and Bream are well hunted.
Fishing days are Thursday, Sunday and all public holidays, hunted with two tackles and only one hook on each tackle.
Catfish are hunted every day, on Saturdays they are hunted according to the catch system let go.
Ponds “Ostriž” are also characterized by a beautifully landscaped promenade.

Josip Meštrić – President (tel.099 332 44 20)
Stanko Kaniški – Vice President (tel. 652 – 163)
Aleksandar Borusević – Secretary (tel. 091 327 93 96)
Miljenko Bosilj – Treasurer (tel. 099 432 44 59)

About us – SRD Ostriž Kneginec (srd-ostriz-kneginec.hr)
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