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Parish Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in St. Elijah and curia of the Rectory

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Parish Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in St. Elijah and curia of the Rectory

The parish church was built more than 110 years ago and has not changed in shape. It was built in a unique, constructive whole in the same place where the previous Gothic structure was.

It was built in harmonious proportional dimensions with a semicircular sanctuary on the north side, a central single-nave nave, with two side auxiliary altars, in the form of a cross. The central entrance to the building is on the south side. The altar is located in the northern apse and has 2 side, auxiliary altars, there is also a painting of St. Peter. Elijah. On the north side, next to the sacristy, there is a tower – a bell tower with a total height of 35.70 meters.

The building consists of a ground floor (parterre area for believers, parterre area of the sanctuary, space of auxiliary altars, two sacristies), a floor part (main choir with organ, storage by the bell tower, gentleman’s choir), and a bell tower. On the main altar is a painting of St. Peter. Elijah. The parish church of St. Elijah the Prophet with the curia of the rectory are protected as a cultural heritage. The parish of St. Elijah is one of the oldest parishes in the Varaždin region. Some historical sources say that 1246. There was already a Parish of St. Elijah, during a long history it often changed borders. In the Middle Ages, it was much larger than it is today.

The estate in Šaulovac once belonged to the Saloczy de Šaulovec family, and in 1653. it came into the ownership of the noble family Kiš. At 4:00. In the 17th century, there was a manor on the site of today’s castle, which was built by the noble family Kiš in 1791. It was renovated, magnified, and turned into a castle. The end of 20. The castle and the park were remodeled for the needs of the new owner.


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