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Manors and cottages

Gornji Kneginec
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Manors and cottages

“In our ancient native vineyard
What flows over the hill to the dark grove
Under the low bryde we sit in the shade,
and the summer embers against the black grapes roast…
” (Z.Milković)

Here we will just list some of the more significant manors that once adorned our hills. Today, only some have been completely preserved or partially preserved, or unfortunately by some circumstance, human negligence have failed or simply “touched”.

On Banjščina there were the following manors: one of the most famous was Villa Bauer where the well of King Joseph II, then Villa Moj mir and Vila Kussy.
On Halić, going from the Mozdernjak stream, we first come to Magdić’s curia, then to the King Manor, and not far from the Chapel of the Holy Trinity to Mažuranić’s Curia.
On Mali Vrh, starting from the parish church of St. Peter. Mary Magdalene is the first curia i.e. The White Palace or Our Peace, then on the other side of the road is the Cepanec Martinjak Manor, somewhat further away, in the middle of Mali Vrh, is several manors: Antunović’s Curia, The White Friars Palace, horvat manor, the remains of Valdec’s huts are somewhat further south, Grims’ manor and again somewhat south solar’s manor. Next to the gift, or as the people say st. Jane, and in fact the Painful or Sorrowful Lady, is the Manor Slava’s Home and Klet Schrenk.
The following manors are offered along Dugi Vrh: Kettig’s klet, Sieber’s curia, the famous Milković manor with a gazebo and the Štiglić hut.
On Koradovica, near the famous restaurant Češljaš is Pustova kurija, and on Glavić a new villa of the Milković Dora family.


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