Krkanec Castle

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Krkanec Castle, a protected cultural heritage, was once owned by the Patačić family. 1616. It was raised by Stjepan Patačić.

Over time it had different uses: in the early In the 17th century it was a castle surrounded by water, then at 18. and 19th century residential building and granary, and finally, after sale in the 20th century, it became part of a rural estate. It is a one-storey building with a rectangular ground plan, harmonious proportions that give off the influence of the Renaissance.

He is best known for his “Wine University” and “Pajdašija od Pinta” by Count Balthazar Patačić.
The Society of Pint Wine Doctors was founded in 1696. As a kind of Baroque association of members of the upper classes, intended for entertainment and relaxation with food and drink. The founder of the society was Baltazar Patačić, owner of the Krkanec castle near Varaždin. Balthazar later received the baron’s title, and became the grand prefect of Virovitica County. Among the members of Pinta were the Bishops of Zagreb Brajković and Branjug, Pavao Ritter Vitezović, podban Stjepan Jelačić and other prominent people of that time.


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