Gornji Kneginec

Jaccomini’s garden aroma

Gornji Kneginec
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Jaccomini’s garden aroma

Jaccomini’s aroma garden – an uninterrupted 250-meter-long trail around which the scents of lavender, sage, thyme, oregano, heather, immortelle, myrtle, rose… The beauty of luxurious flowers intertwines with the imposing trees of pine, cypress, cedar, fir, laurel… and the air is full of essential oils that spread throughout the garden as soon as even the smallest wind sways the branches.
The garden was named after the Jaccomini family, who for 300 years owned a complex of vineyards and other agricultural areas, and in the first half of the last century on Mali Vrh they grew mint for pharmacy purposes, which at that time was a kind of forerunner of aromatherapy in Croatia.

The garden is included in the section of botanical gardens at the Croatian Botanical Society, registered as a special botanical collection. The tour is possible by appointment.


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