Gornji Kneginec

Bauer’s well

Gornji Kneginec
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Bauer’s well

Bauer’s well from 1784. in the village of Banjščina, Bauerbreg. It is entered in the Register of Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia as an immovable individual property with the designation Z-442. It was built by the Italian Zirzon family for military purposes, and by order of Emperor Joseph II. The well house is of wooden construction with a roof covered with pepper tile. The depth of the well is 137 m, the height of the water column is 80 m, the water temperature in winter and summer is 13C, and the water is drinkable. The well has an interpretation board.
Famous people and events in Kneginec…
The famous children’s writer spent much of her childhood in the house and estate on Halić, which she writes about in her autobiographical records.
In the Archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, a lost story by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić entitled “Jaga-baba na Halič” was found and it can be concluded that the story probably originated on Halić.
At the end of the 19th century, they are on the hill. and in the first half of the 20 table. Regularly or occasionally stayed and participated in parties:
Franjo Marković, academician, philosopher, poet, lover of Varaždin Breg
Rudolf Valdec, a sculptor, had a closet on Varaždinbreg where numerous artists entertained (e.g. Bela Czikos, one of the founders of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and the initiator of Modern ity in Croatian fine art; Mila Wood, the first educated Croatian sculptor, the first woman author of monumental plastics)
guests on Varaždinbreg: Milka Trnina and Marija Ružička-Strozzi, prima donna Anka Horvat, and Maja Strozzi, Hollywood diva Hedy Lamarr and many others.

The elite of that time had fun on Varaždin Breg, and women had a somewhat equal position in these wine-growing parties in the bourgeois and noble classes.


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