Gornji Kneginec

Andrija’s Tower Kehne

Gornji Kneginec
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Andrija’s Tower Kehne

Andrew is the son of White III. and Anne, and he had a brother Emeric, who was older and as a firstborn, in 1185. In 1999, he was crowned king, and Andrija’s father intended the Duke of Halić or Galicia, which was conquered and Andrija lost his share. Andrew did not, according to his father’s wishes, which he had pronounced on his deathbed, go on a crusade, but gathered an army to go after his brother, King Emeric.

1202. Both armies met at the Drava River, but no one dared to start the battle. Nevertheless, Emeric went to Andrew’s camp to challenge them. Everyone rushed to him and begged for forgiveness. That’s how the unfortunate Prince Andrew liked prison. Brother Emerik imprisoned him in the hard tower “Kneginec” near Varaždin, where he stayed until his brother’s death, in 1204. age. His only consolation was the virtuous inhabitants of Varaždin. Even today, you can see, on the way from Varaždin to the healing spa of Varaždin, the remains of the old Tower. Mid-September 1204. Andrew’s brother, King Emeric, died. Before his death, he had his son Ladislaus crowned king and released his brother Andrew from the dungeon tower. After Ladislaus’ death King Andrew II. He ruled from 1205. by 1235.

One of the curiosities is that the second child of King Andrew and German Princess Gertrude of Andechs-Merano was Elizabeth, later known especially in the Catholic Church as St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Charter of 1209. In 1991, the first Croatian-Hungarian king Andrew II. he distributed to Varaždin (Warasd) the privileges of a free city and determined the boundary of city property. This privilege was confirmed to the people of Varaždin and the city of Varaždin (Worost) by Andrija’s son Bela IV. 1220. age.


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