Sveti Ilija

Sveti Ilija

Located in a beautiful landscape of lowlands and hills, it delights with its natural diversity and proximity to the city of Varaždin, creating an ideal environment for living and exploring.


It is located in the central part of Varaždin County, partly in the lowland and partly in the hilly area. The northern lowland part of the Municipality consists of the Drava plain, while the central part of the Municipality is located on the slopes of the Varaždin-Toplica mountains, and the southern part in the alluvial valley of the River Bednja.

On the territory of the municipality there are numerous protected and endangered plant and animal species and areas that are an integral part of the national ecological network (cataract, caramel, pond turtle, European rabbit, duck pigeon, hazelnut dormouse, squirrel, otter, great white heron, etc.)
On the wet meadows near Turčin and Črnac Biškupečki – Velika Senokoša, the plant species Fritillaria meleagris L. (cube) has been recorded, and it is precisely in the municipality that the largest deposits of the cube are located.
Historical data testify to the discovery of stone axes and the presence of man in this area since prehistoric times. With ancient civilization comes the development of settlements, the construction of roads, new knowledge and beliefs.

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