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Holiday home “Dedino ognjište”

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In the holiday home “Dedino ognjište”, a special place has, precisely, a hearth, a place where a fire used to be lit to heat the room and cook. It used to be the oldest interior in the house, but also the most important, central place, around which they gathered, sat and dined and at the end of the day went to rest. Such is the whole, this wooden beauty, full of memories of some past times that wants to hijack oblivion.

The nature around the house will treat you to the most beautiful scenes of the dance of butterflies and fireflies, the smell scents of plants reminiscent of childhood. On the Stream Mozdernjak on a journey you can print your boat in a bottle with a message that you wanted to send a long time ago.

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Mozdernjak 121D, Varaždin Breg

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