Protection of privacy

Protection of privacy

The protection of privacy is of utmost importance for the Tourist Board of Varaždinhills (TZ Varaždinski bregi). Following the basic principles of privacy and in accordance with the legislation on data protection, the VaraždinBreg Tourist Board undertakes to protect the private data of its users and third parties involved in their activities. Accordingly, the Varaždinski bregi Tourist Board has established the following measures and rules related to the protection of privacy:

  • Collection and use of data: Tz Varaždinski bregi will collect only those data that are necessary for the provision of services and the fulfillment of its legal obligations. The data will be used exclusively for the purpose for which they were collected, and the Varaždin bregi Tourist Board will ensure that the collected data is not used in a way that could jeopardize the privacy of individuals.
  • Data security: TZ Varaždinski bregi will apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the collected data from unauthorized access, loss, theft or damage. This includes the use of security protocols, data encryption, and limited access to data only to authorized persons.
  • Confidentiality: TZ Varaždinski bregi will maintain the confidentiality of the collected data and will ensure that the data is not shared with third parties without the express consent of the user or legal basis. The data will be used exclusively for defined purposes and will only be available to persons involved in processes requiring access to that data.
  • Rights of individuals: Tz Varaždinski bregi will respect the rights of individuals in terms of privacy protection. This includes the right of access, rectification, erasure and restriction of the processing of their data. Individuals also have the right to object to data processing and the right to data portability. Tz Varaždinski bregi will provide support and enable the exercise of these rights at the request of the user.
  • Cooperation with third parties: TZ Varaždinski bregi will ensure that third parties who have access to or participate in data processing take appropriate privacy measures. Contracts and agreements will be established to regulate third-party data privacy privacy terms and obligations. TZ Varaždinski bregi will carefully select trusted third parties with whom to share data and verify their compliance with privacy regulations.

In the event of any violation of privacy or data security, TZ Varaždinski bregi will take appropriate steps to determine the cause of the incident, stop unauthorized access and prevent further violation of data privacy. All relevant entities, including competent authorities and beneficiaries affected by such an incident, will be informed.

Tz Varaždinski bregi will regularly review and update its privacy practices and policies in order to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and best practices. Users will be notified of any significant changes in the privacy policy by notification on the website of the Varaždin Ski Hill Tourist Board or other appropriate communication channels.

It is important to note that TZ Varaždinski bregi can use cookies and other tracking technologies on its website to improve the user experience and provide personalized services. The use of such technologies will comply with applicable privacy legislation, and users will be notified of their use through cookie notices and privacy settings.

Tz Varaždinski bregi recognizes the importance of protecting privacy and will continuously work on improving its procedures and practices in order to ensure that the private data of users and third parties is safe and protected. This commitment to the protection of privacy is based on trust and transparency in all aspects of the Activities of the Varazdin Bregi Tourist Board .