Gornji Kneginec

Gornji Kneginec

Welcome to Gornji Kneginec, a picturesque town that combines rich history, natural beauty and modern development.


The Municipality of Gornji Kneginec is located in the central part of Varaždin County, and presents itself as the “southern gate of the city of Varaždin”.
This region is located on the most important Croatian, transversal traffic, direction, which connects the wide Pannonian area with the northern Adriatic and is the lifeblood of the overall development of Croatia.
The first is the name of the place Khene, written in the charter of Andrew II. from 1209. The year of Andrew II. he distributed to Varaždin (Warasd) the privileges of a free city and determined the boundary of city property.
During the construction of the new highway Zagreb – Varaždin, an old settlement was discovered near Kneginac, where archaeological excavations established the continuity of life lasting more than 6500 years. People lived here continuously throughout all the later periods of human history, and also in Roman times until the late Middle Ages.
This region is a witness of a long wine-growing history, gentlemanly and city wine-growing manors strung together by Varaždin Breg. Their beauty can best be experienced, if you enter these beautiful buildings, in the basements with old presses and some interesting records. When you taste a drop of September wine, you will cheerfully exclaim, “Cheers!”

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