Located in a picturesque environment of gentle hills and green fields, it enchants with its rich cultural heritage and the hospitable spirit of its inhabitants.


Settlements – Municipality of Beretinec (VIDEO ABOUT THE MUNICIPALITY)
The organization of the municipality area is compact in shape, so at the level of the Municipality certain peculiarities have:
The northern part of the Municipality is a lowland area, and is characterized by agricultural land combined with smaller groves and with the existence of existing built structures outside the construction area (economic zone, and zones of greenery, sports and recreation).
The central part of the Municipality is the transitional part from the lowland area to the brežno. This part of the space is affected by urbanization with central public facilities.
The southern part of the Municipality is a hilly area characterized by a combination of forests and groves, glades and agricultural land, vineyards and orchards, and construction areas weekend and hobby construction (huts and cottages) of rural character.

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