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About us

On Tuesday, 5. In July, the founding assembly of the tourist board “Varaždinski bregi” was held. The new Tourist Board was established for the municipalities of Gornji Kneginec, Beretinec, Sveti Ilija and Vidovec and is the legal follower of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Gornji Kneginec, which ceases to exist by registering a new community in the Register of the Ministry.

At the founding assembly, the Tourist Council consisting of Dražen Perši, Dražen Jambriško, Igor Furjan, Hrvoje Kapeš, Jasenka Vidić, Dean Hrastić, Nikola Biškup and Krunoslav Bistrović was elected. In accordance with the legal provisions and the statute to which the Ministry of Tourism and Sports gave prior consent, the mayors of the municipalities for whose area the tourist board was established will alternate at intervals of one year. According to the alphabetical name of the municipality, the first year of the term of office of the president will be held by Nikola Žganec, mayor of the Municipality of Beretinec.

Tourist Board “Varaždinski bregi” means a new flywheel for the development of tourism in this area. Such a diverse tourist board aims to enable the development of tourist recognizable products derived from the traditional and natural resources of the four municipalities.

In the area of four municipalities during 2020. In 2021, a total of 5,763 tourist nights were recorded, while during 2021 a total of 5,763 overnight stays were recorded. There were 11,343 overnight stays, with the municipality of Gornji Kneginec leading the way with 7,428 overnight stays.

Through joint appearance on the market as well as the creation of new tourist facilities, the aim is to achieve an even more successful development of tourism since all four municipalities have a common history, gastronomy, tradition and a compatible tourist offer.

In addition to the heads of municipalities Goran Kaniški, Bruno Hranić and Nikola Žganec, deputy prefect Silvija Zagorec attended the founding assembly, who greeted the attendees on behalf of county prefect Anđelko Stričak and on her own behalf, and pointed out the following:

“This association, which unites the space of four municipalities, Gornji Kneginac, Sveti Ilija, Beretinac and Vidovec, is an additional flywheel for the development of tourism in our County, and in addition to a more rational use of human, financial and spatial resources in tourism, a common policy of tourism development in this area will be created, respecting the needs and peculiarities of each mentioned municipality.

What is also important, the establishment of this tourist board will enable the development of tourist recognizable products derived from the traditional and natural resources of Gornji Kneginac, Sveta Ilija, Beretinac and Vidovec.

I am sure that this unification will create all the conditions for the area of the Varaždin hills Tourist Board to become a destination desirable for the arrival of many visitors, destinations for vacation and enjoyment, for active holidays, destinations for families, but also for a gastronomic experience.

The guarantor of this are certainly cultural heritage, natural beauty, but also a common history, gastronomy and traditions that connect these four municipalities.

I wish you a lot of success on the market as well as in creating new tourist facilities, all for the purpose of a more successful development of tourism in Varaždin County, which will support you in the realization of your activities.”